WCF Approved Air Pro Curling Pad

  • Air design fits Air Head curling brooms.
  • Certified to meet WCF specification and approved for use in WCF Championships and Events.
  • Imprinted with WCF Approval Code.
  • Works exclusively with the Airway Head from Goldline Curling.


Certified to meet WCF specifications. Ideal for use by competitive players entering events requiring WCF sanctioned pads. Snap fit provides quick and easy replacement. Compatible with Goldline's Air Head curling brooms.

Ratings & Reviews

Sweep hard

Jeff| 11/4/2021 12:07 PM

This was a replacement for a new pad I had ordered previously, but for some reason was not snapping into place on my broom. Goldline sent a replacement at no charge, and so far it is working great. It really feels like my sweeping game is at a whole next level!

Broom Pad Replacement Success

Anne MacDonald| 1/17/2022 6:00 AM

This curling pad arrived promptly and as described. I was able to look up online how to replace the old one. The bright colour is more visible at the rink. It seems to pick up lots of debris from the ice but also sometimes deposits the debris back on the ice if you aren't constantly brushing it off.

These don’t fit Air brush heads

Scott Thomson| 4/6/2022 2:07 PM

You’ve got to use the old irregular airway curling pads. These don’t really fit the Air heads despite what the website implies. If you bend the heck out of them, they do slip in for a while, but they keep popping out on one side.

Competition replacement brush pads.

Brenda pelletier| 4/10/2022 7:44 PM

I was quite frustrated with the responses I got in dealing with my complaint. I felt that the tutorial that was sent to me treated me like I knew nothing. I have changed pads on a brush before and didn’t need someone to tell me how or how often I should change it. I had to continue to voice my concerns more than once to get someone to admit there were faulty pads.


Jennifer Wickenheiser| 11/16/2022 8:25 AM

Great product

Replacement pad

Gisele| 2/21/2024 6:17 PM

Very satisfied with the replacement pad