Telescoping Excaliber Curling Stick

  • Cleanest release of any delivery device.
  • Telescoping handle is made of a tough but light aluminum and adjusts from 40" to 68.5".
  • Alternate version with Fiberglass handle is also available.
  • Fits all rock handles.


If you are either unable to get down and throw from the hack, or simply choose not to do so, delivery sticks offer a highly effective option. Delivery sticks take some practise, however once mastered, your weight and accuracy match that of the traditional hack delivery.

You can choose from two models, one with a fixed 1” fiberglass handle, and a second with a light, telescoping aluminum handle. The telescoping model extends in length from 40” to 68.5”, making it easy to carry or store in a small locker, The top section of the aluminum handle is covered with an attractive foam grip, providing comfort and ease of use.

Ratings & Reviews

9 Reviews

Telescope collapsed when shooting

Carolyn| 10/24/2021 4:36 PM

This was a disappointment. It was heavier than expected and although the telescoping feature was ideal for adjusting for tall curlers, the telescope would fail and the stick collapsed when shooting. The only solution was duct tape. Good fast delivery of the product and easy ordering. GOLDLINE RESPONSE: Carolyn, please contact our customer service for a replacement. We've never heard of one of these collapsing before and would like to make sure you're using a safe piece of equipment.

Foam handle terrific

kinmikey| 12/2/2021 1:14 PM

overall excellent, the foam handle is a surprisingly nice touch. The only very minor drawback I could claim, would be the length adjustment, while very easy to use, does feel a bit flimsy, as if it may not be tight after long use. Then again, this should not need to be adjusted often.

Good stick but consider combo broom/stick

Snr curler| 12/4/2021 4:36 PM

The stick works great - it has made it possible for me (an older guy) to start curling again after 2 years off for covid - however it is cumbersome to have two sticks (this and the broom) - am now looking into a combo broom and stick

Telescoping Excaliber Curling Stick

Robert LeMesurier| 12/9/2021 4:15 PM

I ordered 5 Curling Delivery sticks which were delivered on time and well packaged. Sticks were the Telescoping Excaliber Stick The only complaint I may have is that some times when tightening up the stick it would sometimes collapse when delivering the stone this can be easily be fixed by placing tape on the on the handle. I found the stick to be extremely comfortable and very easy to deliver th3e stone

Customer Service Excellence

J| 1/29/2023 7:10 AM

It was with this Review on my initial purchase that I decided to make contact with an issue I was having with this particular product (it was failing to lock more than 1/2 the time). The company replaced it with a new one at zero cost to great. Better still was the efficiency and willingness to support their client with a partially malfunctioning product - I was expecting a headache to even begin the process to issue a complaint query, but was greatly surprised and impressed with customer relations and the need to ensure a happy client!

Excalibur Curling Stick

Reg| 12/9/2023 6:32 AM

Product is excellent. It has the advantage of being telescopic which fits every curlers needs. The padded handle is very warm & comfortable to use. Excellent product!

Great service, and good quality service

JoAnne Pierson| 12/9/2023 8:39 AM

I ordered over the telephone. Excellent service, and very quick delivery. 10out of 10!

Exceptional Customer Support

Bill| 1/5/2024 4:06 PM

Although I had an initial issue with my Goldline product, I was very pleased with the exceptional Customer Support that I subsequently received. The issue was resolved quickly & efficiently by the very competent support team. Goldline makes excellent products and then stands behind them. I recommend them highly.

Best stick on the market

James in Montreal| 2/14/2024 7:18 AM

Excellant tool when you have to use a stick when you have a bad back or sore knee. Love the handle...