Men's Right Handed G50 Cyclone Curling Shoes (Speed 11)

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  • Wrapped in our IceKnit fabric, this curling shoe is lightweight, durable, insulated for warmth and very flexible.
  • Rated as speed 11, the Cyclone, with a 1/4" Teflon slider is ideal for experienced curlers looking to maximize their slide
  • Flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of balance and mobility.
  • Equipped with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in the market for sure footing.
  • To protect the toe of your G50 shoe, Goldline strongly recommends adding a toe coat with all G50 shoes.
  • These Cyclone shoes are designed for right-handed curlers and come with a slider on the left foot and a gripper on the right foot.


Goldline extends the popular G50 product line with the Storm and Cyclone. Built on our popular platform, and wrapped in IceKnit fabric, these shoes marry warmth and durability with flexibility and fashion.

Both styles feature an upgraded Teflon slider that is faster and more durable. Storm. with a 5/32" Teflon are rated as a Speed 8, and Cyclone shoes with 1/4" Teflon are rated as a Speed 11.

These Cyclone curling shoes feature a top-of-the-line 1/4" Teflon slider on the left foot (for right-handed curlers) and a premium rubber gripper sole on the right foot. The slider has strategically placed indents on the toe and heel that distribute weight to the periphery, enhancing stability. This makes the Cyclone a great option for anyone looking for high end stability features and the best available Teflon sliding speed.

Shoes rated as Speed 11 will maximize your sliding speed out of the hack, reducing leg stress and making it easier to achieve precision even with full take out weight.

Ratings & Reviews

Exceeded Expectations

Dave| 1/10/2020 6:38 AM

Just got a pair of these and played my first game with them. I've been curling for 30 years+ and used to play competitive around the turn of the century :). I had been playing on the really nice patent leather Balance Plus Delux's for about 18-19 years and always liked them but they were starting to show their age. Wanted to go with something more comfortable, light and warm and these looked like they would fit the bill. They did all of those things and seem to be very well made with high grade components. Really like the tough material they put around the perimeter of the upper, seems like it will take a beating from pushing rocks around. What I was not expecting was an improvement in slide stability and balance. I slide with a very flat foot and right out of the gate I noticed it and felt like I wasn't fighting to keep my slider foot from wiggling around, it felt more locked in, it was really nice! I highly recommend these shoes!

Comfortable and Functional

Shannon| 11/26/2020 6:06 PM

Love these shoes! Comfortable and functional. The smoothness of the slider was exactly what i was looking for and the gripper is pliable, not rigid.

Very stable shoe

Ken| 4/10/2021 10:50 AM

I have played a few games with these and really like them. My previous shoe was the velocity which I like but had broken down over the past 3 years. My slider foot is noticeable more stable in these. These are a bit thicker and heavier but that doesn't affect performance and they keep your feet warmer without having to wear thick socks.


Max| 11/28/2021 8:49 AM

Perfect fit and very comfortable !

Perfect fit.

Zelda| 4/2/2022 8:26 AM

My nephew curler loved them. Perfect fit. Now slides waaaay past hog line. Wonderful service from Goldline. Thanks.

cyclone curling shoes

Phil from Montreal| 11/11/2022 7:21 PM

Perfect shoes and awsome customer service

Great shoe but a bit pricy.

Ronnie B| 11/12/2022 10:39 AM

Shoe is very comfortable and much lighter than my old leather pair slides really well. There was a bit of a burr on the toe slider that scratch the ice and affected slide control. However, service to address that problem was outstanding.

Good shoe but don't wear well

Mark| 2/16/2023 9:05 AM

I got these new for this year and really like the feel and performance but, inside the heel area wears out too soon. I have two other curlers in my club and they experienced the same wear issues. I find it odd that we have the same issue. For an expensive shoe like this I'm somewhat disappointed.

As smooth as it can be!

Luc Gagnon| 2/23/2023 9:36 AM

Everything went well with my order. I dealt with the representative via emails and it went very smoothly. Thanks.

Reduced my knee pain

Peter H| 8/2/2023 1:57 PM

I made the switch to the Cyclones with the faster slider, and it has been a game-changer for me. They had a surprising impact on my knee pain. They significantly relieved the strain on my knees during games. With this upgrade, I feel like I've added an extra five years of sliding to my curling journey before considering a transition to stick curling.

The G50 is overpriced and doesn't last

Unhappy Curler| 12/2/2023 7:20 AM

I have purchased a number of items from Goldline but the G50 shoe was a total bust! The heels wear out quickly on the inside and, the sole split on my slider foot just at the end of the glue line where the slide pad is glued. It's a fast shoe but that's all I have to say that is a positive. For an expensive shoe it should last for more than one season. A number of other curlers in my club experienced the same result!

RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear about your experience, Unhappy Curler. I hope you were able to connect with our customer service team, as a split sole is not an issue we're familiar with hearing about and we'd like to know more about your experience.

New Shoes

VCC Curler| 12/27/2023 12:56 PM

Ordered on Monday. Arrived on Friday. Fit well. Definitely speed 11 shoes. Toe dip looks great. Very happy with purchase.


Dave| 1/2/2024 6:34 AM

Thank you for your quick replacement of my old Cyclones. Your customer service is first-class!

Warranteed shoes quickly replaced

Doug| 2/23/2024 12:43 AM

Received the second replacement shoes. These were perfect. Only used them twice as we will shortly test them in Inverness Scotland s International Week of Curling. Goldline did address and quickly replaced my defective shoes. Thanks

Good shoe...gripper size questionable

Chris| 3/6/2024 8:40 AM

Bought the size 13, fits great. I have wide feet and finding shoes is normally a nightmare, these fit great right out of the box. However, size 13 recommends an XL wide's an XXL all day. XL doesn't get fully over the heel.


Gilles| 3/22/2024 2:53 PM

I had a pair of azulejo shoes that the inner heal area wore very quickly. I thought I would try goldline shoes again but the inside heal area is wearing very poorly as well. Even though I like the comfort of these shoes, I won’t buy them again

Perfect! Nothing else to say!

Jean-Philippe Bonneau| 3/31/2024 10:08 AM

Perfect! Nothing else to say!