Men's Momentum Rush Curling Shoes

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  • Velcro based slider and gripper system allows you to select the sliding speed you want.
  • Momentum shoes can be configured for either right handed or left handed play.
  • Enhanced arch support through the outsole and insole provides exceptional comfort.
  • Strategically designed outsole provides both flexibility and lateral support, making these shoes excellent for both tuck and flat foot deliveries.
  • Wrapped in a sleek black edition of Goldline's IceKnit fabric, these shoes are extremely comfortable and will keep your feet warm even in the coldest curling centres.
$179.99 $199.99


The Rush shoes are the first in the Momentum series from Goldline.

They feature a velcro based slider and gripper system that allows you to reconfigure your shoes how you want them. Select the speed of sliding disc that works best for you, then attach them for either right handed or left handed delivery.

Several years of research went into developing the new Momentum outsole. From day one we wanted to ensure these shoes would be suitable for the most demanding curlers.

If you slide with a flat foot during delivery, you will love how flat these shoes sit on the ice. For tuck curlers, the flexibility to get up on your toe is fantastic.

Without compromising that flexibility, these shoes also feature a reinforced arch and stiff heel, offering phenomenal stability and giving you confidence on the ice.

The need for comfort was not overlooked while focusing on high performance. From an upgraded insole to our IceKnit fabric and insulation, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout your game.

Every pair of Rush shoes includes a set of gripper discs. A second set of discs must be purchased separately, as this allows you to select the speed you want to slide at, or select a second set of gripper discs if you plan on using these shoes as double grippers.

Ratings & Reviews

6 Reviews

Very cold on the toes

Chris| 11/23/2022 7:22 PM

There is some sort of plastic or metal above the toe area on this shoe which makes it extremely cold on the toes. I have worn them in both a tournament and league play and would not recommend them as they are just to cold on my toes. I will be getting a different shoe as soon as I can afford it again.

RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear you're getting cold feet, Chris! We have used the same toe box application and insulation that we use with all of our other shoes. I don't want to invalidate your concern, but this isn't a complaint I've heard about our shoes in the past. I will continue to monitor the situation for further consideration.

that old boy can go fast now

Will| 12/7/2022 9:00 AM

Wow, these shoes are fast i purchased them with the fastest pucks i haven't been able to slide like that in years, my knees thank u all

Fast and Comfortable

Chase| 12/8/2022 1:10 PM

The Momentum Rush shoes are my favorite shoe Goldline has released so far. The first time I used them, I could feel under foot the speed increase, and the cushion on the sides, back, and sole make them easy to wear for a long period of time. The slider will be loud when you first use it, but it quickly quiets down after a weekend spiel's worth of use. Highly recommend!

Best Shoes on the Market

Rob| 12/15/2022 11:46 AM

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Based on extensive testing within our University of Alberta curling program, I firmly believe that the Momentum Rush is best shoe on the market. They are very fast and very stable at the same time. I highly recommend these shoes to any curler who is interested in enhanced performance.

Forme du soulier?

Daniel Legault| 4/2/2023 1:18 PM

Le problème est la grandeur est faussé. J'ai un pied large et je commande habituellement un demi-point mais avec ce modèle je devrais avoir 1 point de plus. C'est bizarre.

Top of the line shoe

Andrew| 2/8/2024 9:56 AM

The Goldline Rush shoe is awesome! It’s customizable to whatever shoe you slide with and feels very light compared to my previous shoes. The ordering process was super easy and the customer service team was extremely helpful! Unfortunately, I was given the wrong size gripper and had to switch it out.