Gripper Slab

  • Designed for custom curling shoes or gripper replacements
  • Size: 352 mm long x 138 mm wide (trimmable)
  • Made from premium rubber
  • Tire tread design for superior stability
  • Provides sure footing on the ice


Goldline's Gripper Slab is a versatile accessory designed to meet the needs of curling enthusiasts seeking custom curling shoes or gripper replacements. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this high-quality product guarantees optimal performance on the ice, ensuring sure footing and unrivalled stability.

At a generous size of 352 mm long x 138 mm wide, the Gripper Slab provides ample coverage, accommodating shoe sizes up to men's size 15. Its customizable design allows you to effortlessly trim it to the precise shape and size you require, ensuring a perfect fit for your curling shoes.

Meticulously manufactured from premium rubber, the Gripper Slab showcases a tire tread design that mirrors the renowned tread featured on all modern Goldline Curling shoes. This tire-inspired pattern has become the gold standard in the industry, renowned for delivering exceptional stability and unmatched traction on the ice. With the Gripper Slab, you can now experience the same level of confidence and control that professional curlers rely on.

Whether you're looking to create custom curling shoes or replace a worn or damaged gripper on your existing pair, the Gripper Slab is your go-to solution. Elevate your curling experience and make every stride count with this top-of-the-line accessory.

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Great for custom curling shoes!

Roger McInville| 9/7/2023 8:48 AM

I bought this for my custom curling shoes. I just had to cut them with cissors and arrange them with a good knife and they work very well! For sure they are not the most beautiful grippers on the market but if they work, I am more than happy!

Rebuild shoes

Frank| 1/5/2024 11:29 AM

Had an old pair of Balance plus shoes I like, but non slider foot was getting used and slippery. Tried removable gripper but could not slide properly. This gripper slab put on with shoo goo is perfect. Grips ice well and shoes like new. Very satisfied with product.