Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick

  • Cleanest release of any delivery device.
  • 1" Fiberglass (FG) handle.
  • Fits all rock handles.


If you are either unable to get down and throw from the hack, or simply choose not to do so, delivery sticks offer a highly effective option. Delivery sticks take some practise, however once mastered, your weight and accuracy match that of the traditional hack delivery. Comes on a 1" FG (fiberglass) handle.

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curling stick

Deborah| 12/24/2020 10:11 AM

Arrived quickly and works well

Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick

Bob| 10/31/2021 2:41 PM

Great product, excellent service.

Back saver!

Tim| 12/17/2021 12:39 PM

It is a great stick that allows me to curl. I am in my 60's with a bad back and sliding is difficult for me.

Very good

Grand Falls curling NB| 1/21/2022 11:02 AM

Very good quality product members are very happy

Love it!

Johanne GaveyCrouse-| 12/11/2022 11:36 AM

Love it. After being away from curling for 30+ years, this has allowed me to still keep enjoying the game.

Very Satisfied

David| 2/24/2023 7:00 PM

Great product - it is high quality and works well!


Tracadie Sheila Curling Club Paula| 2/25/2023 4:08 PM

Yes we enjoy the Excalibur very much and we had school come in some of the kids were not able to slide and l teache them to use the Excalibur and they had a blast

Some time I am stubborn But if I want to keep curling go to the stick

Doris| 3/28/2024 10:43 AM

Got to use my new stick I’m happy with it.I should have gotten one in the fall But to say I was to stubborn to get one.For a few times I had a hard time to get up for one knee is giving me a problem.And I even played in a bonspiel