Quantum Gripper Discs

  • Made with a TPR rubber surface which affords optimal traction on the ice.
  • Set of 7 gripper discs is included with every pair of Quantum shoes.


Quantum Gripper Discs snap into the sole of either foot on Quantum Curling Shoes. The discs are made of a high traction rubber moulded over a plastic base.

Gripper discs come in sets of seven and are designed to provide optimal traction on the ice. These discs are available for purchase separately in case you need to purchase a replacement set or if you would like to curl with double grippers (grippers on both feet).

One set of Quantum Gripper Discs is already included with each pair of Quantum shoes purchased.

Ratings & Reviews

Great customer service, but the grippers need to get a grip.

Sherri| 10/29/2021 6:04 PM

The customer service was great, prompt and they replaced the broken gripper disc within 3 days. Unfortunately, the disc keep breaking . Not sure if my son got stronger or the shoes got weaker. We had another pair with no problems, but these ones seem to be made out of cheese and break even often, though they are brand new shoes.

Gripper disks and gripper

Julie Decastris| 12/18/2021 12:00 PM

My son loves the quantum shoes, we are only part way through the season and the gripper disks are shredding, and the gripper itself is flaking. Please help.

Discs too expensive!

Denis| 12/19/2021 8:11 AM

Great customer service but these grippers started falling out for no good reason which necessitated replacement. As such it’s a design problem so to gouge the customer again to the tune of over $60 (with tax etc.) seems a bit much. Same goes for the slider discs. Prohibitively expensive. Unfortunate because they are good shoes that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone due to the disc failures and costs to remedy.

A little slippy

Linda| 12/23/2021 4:01 PM

Love the concept but slippier than a gripper, takes time to get used to.


Normand Grenier| 4/22/2023 1:42 PM

Well satisfied

I Can Stop Now

Michael| 11/15/2023 8:46 AM

Fit my old shoes perfectly. Even though the new ones don't look that much different from the old ones in terms of tread, they make a world of difference. Likely will order another set now, to keep in storage for several years for when these new ones eventually wear out.

Good service

Rita| 12/29/2023 2:44 PM

Order was correct and was delivered quickly.

Love the products

Wayne| 2/15/2024 8:49 AM

Goldmine is the best. They stand by their product no questions asked. The quality of their product is unmatchable. Love Goldline.


Gilles| 4/3/2024 11:33 AM

Thé plastic pin of 3 broken, not good at all