Mens Smart Running Shoe - Black

Introducing the "Taichi" shoe by international Olympic Games outfitter, PEAK SPORTS. Exclusively carried by Curling Canada in Canada, this shoe has the latest carbon plate and foam technology.  For the average Walker, you will experience the best cushion when moving around at low speeds; Runners will feel the foam cushion become more  elastic and create a spring push off with each step. Similar technology has recently helped break the sub-2 Hour marathon record.    

Revolutionary technology enables the sneaker to adjust its function to meet the needs of the person wearing it and provides an entirely original user experience. It is totally waterproof and activity adaptive with PEAK's latest foam material innovation.

The midsole is equipped with an intelligent material called P4U, consisting of innovative compound foaming tech. The sneakers become "self-adaptive" depending on the wearer's activity - and this is something that traditional midsoles lack.

PEAK is not known to make incremental changes to sneakers, they want to redefine the expectations of how sneakers ought to perform. In short, the technology is able to "think" and adapt, adjusting itself according to your needs and motion. This is advantage for people who work on their feet all day to competitive long distance runners. 

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